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Seo Age Technology A-420, IIIrd Floor, Shastri Nagar, Near Govt. Disp New Delhi, Delhi, India
INR Rs 5- INR Rs 10 per hour



Creating a robust account structure by PPC management

For a stellar performance of your PPC management strategy, the base is to have an account structure that is robust. To check its strength the PPC expert in India will need to know the no of keywords used in each ad group and the number of ads in each of these ad groups. Then the relevance of the keywords with respect to each other as well as within each of these groups. To achieve the business objectives the campaign needs to be focused on each of the different products or services. Then they should give importance to the location and other themes that are vital to the business.

This brings us to the point of breaking down the campaign and ad groups. For this, the expert will need a sneak peek into the structure of the site. Of course, there is no meaning in having several campaigns for a start-up or a small business. With just limited budget at disposal, it is practical to have just 1 or 2 offerings like a top seller’s campaign that can have a higher budget and then a second smaller budget campaign. Typically, the campaign can be broken down by the products sold or services offered and having ad groups for these. Each ad group will have a themed keyword.

Here the keywords, landing pages, and ads should be relevant to each other. This can bring in more traffic that has a greater chance of a conversion. As the visitor would most likely be the ones who are really interested in genuinely buying the products. In google search relevancy and searchers, intent plays an important role in bringing about conversions and good outcomes.