10 Best Digital Marketing companies (Oct-2020)

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Company Name
Year Founded
Active Clients
Major Clients
Core Services
DIGITAL ETHOS Hudson House Business Centre, Hudson House, Edimburah, Scotland, United Kingdom
0- 0 per hour


Blue Beetle Office 1502, Mazaya Business Avenue Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
70- 130 per hour


Xugar 4 Eastern Road Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia
AUD $ 180- AUD $ 280 per hour


Media Search Group D- 158 2nd Floor, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India
USD $ 10- USD $ 50 per hour


Agio Support Solutions Pvt. Ltd E- 113, Ground floor Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India
ALL Lek 0- ALL Lek 0 per hour


Hashkube Green Valley Heights Zirakpur / India Zirakpur, Punjab, India
Shivani Mehtani 0 visit profile Visit Website
USD $ 10- USD $ 10 per hour



Head-Turning development by Digital Marketing in Contemporary World

What’s your opinion about digital marketing? What is its importance? Why it is emerging?

A skeptic mind will always ponder over the questions. Nowadays, digital marketing has emerged and is turning the heads of the people by its revolutionary change.

So, what exactly is digital marketing?

Before we open up with scope, let’s see what digital marketing exactly is. Digital marketing is sort of marketing where advertising is done through digital platforms and channels. These can be social media, mobile applications, websites or email and others. The digital marketing matters as it helps to generate more revenue and even it enhances your business. The components such as emails, mobile applications, search engines, social media, and blogs compose your digital marketing. With the full exercise of digital marketing, you can reach ample the audience and this is a cost-effective and time-saving way of generating more traffic towards you. People get influenced by social media a lot, so why not to opt a medium onto which the majority of people are roaming?

Digital Marketing in India

Digital marketing has emerged as a revolutionary profession as fastest, easy, cost-effective way to target mass audiences. The scope of this in India is wide and diversified here and a fresher can easily make money in this profession. The digital marketing company caters you to all top-notch facilities of marketing your business digitally. Internet stat usage clearly defines that 50% of the world’s population is using the internet. So, to promote the product online is the best way to expand the business. The digital marketing jobs are paying a handsome amount to the people who are working.

The scope of digital marketing is developing not only in India but in other countries too. The survey conducted clearly predicts an enormous growth of digitalization and digital marketing. Why it in vogue—

  • It's flexible
  • The newest thing in town
  • Easy to handle
  • Cost-Effective
  • Time saver
  • Fastest results and reach
  • Influential

What do they do?

A digital marketing agency or firm hires potential people to run the work. They plan the work and work according to the strategies. The company is entitled to best digital marketing company when it gives profit maximization to its customers. This even has a wider scope –

  • You can be a professional blogger
  • You can start freelancing services
  • You can initiate your agency
  • Be a You Tuber