The SEO Awards: The Best, Worst, And Weirdest Things We've Seen

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Charles Leveillee 16-Sep-2019

Slowly but gradually businesses understand the need for a white hat SEO expert, and most of them are implementing the basics of SEO in their organizations. However, from time to time we witness websites and blogs where we just get astonished, and angry, and do not know how to react. There is still much uncertainty about SEO and its practices. 

So today we are giving SEO awards. The awards consist of three categories, first the best, second-worst, and lastly the weirdest things we have seen on the internet so far regarding SEO strategies. We will not declare anyone as the winner, you can assume it as a tie among all three nominations. 

The Best Things We Have Seen

1. Link Building

The day may come when links do not play a predominant role in higher rankings; the day has not arrived yet. Those people who are ignoring this ranking factor are harming their rank on the search engine. However, we have seen the right kinds of links, relevant links, and links that are earned. We consider link building as one of the best SEO practices, and every white hat SEO expert will get an agreement on this point.

2. Mobile First

Mobile optimization is here, and it is not the future anymore. Those who are not heeding the warning will soon pay the price. Google is currently doubling down on mobile and giving notices to those websites where content is not accessible appropriately to a user will not rank highly. 

However, we have seen many websites that are considering a mobile-friendly website or blog as their priority. These websites or blogs are higher in the ranking, and if they are not, then they will come soon on Google’s top ranking

3. User Experience (UX)

Every website owner requires to focus on its UX. Google encourages webmasters to focus on those who are offering a good user experience. The algorithm is getting smarter. People must understand that writing clean code is not enough. 

The UX design should increase customer satisfaction and ease of use. Those who are providing a great user experience are naturally coming on top of the rankings. 

The Worst Things We Have Seen

1. Paid Links

A successful blog or website takes time and requires hard work and patience to create high content and earn those natural backlinks. Instead of hard work and persistence, we have witnessed people taking shortcuts. Some of them get success but it is temporary, and soon they will see massive failure.

Buying any links is the worst practice, and sooner or later Google will find it out. Once Google finds it out, those websites and blogs will lose rankings, and they will need to try much harder to acquire something online.

2. Duplicate Content

The content should be original and unique. However, we have seen things like duplicate content on several sites. It is the worst practice from an SEO point of view. You should not index your page when you have nothing new to provide to your users, simple.

Suppose for an excuse here, if you need to copy content from other sites because the material is helpful for readers or because of anything, then you should not index those pages. So, there will be no impact on Search Engine Optimization, but some of the SEO guys do not understand this so crucial thing.

3. Ads Above The Fold

Too much advertisement above the fold is a bad or worst SEO. Google penalizes those websites that place too many ads above the area of the web page that is appearing without any scrolling. These types of strategies affected by a decrease in traffic first.

The Weirdest Things We Have Seen

1. Keyword Stuffing

By keyword stuffing, we do not mean keyword stuffing on the content, which comes in the worst SEO case. We are talking about keyword stuffing on alt-image tags. Isn’t weird? 

Most of the SEO guys think that no one sees alt-image text, so it is fine to stuff keywords on it, right? Completely wrong! 

It would not result in a penalty by Google probably, but it is not likely to do any good for on-page SEO. For visually-impaired visitors, it is highly frustrating and annoying.

2. Doorway Pages

SEO guys create these pages for the specific intention of ranking for a particular keyword to funnel readers and visitors to a different page. The issue with this weird SEO technique is that these pages provide little or no useful content. These useless pages often take all the top rankings for a specific keyword.

3. Invisible Text

It might sound weird, but we are talking about bizarre SEO techniques that people use hidden text on their site. It was a practice in an early period of SEO, but it still happens. The purpose is to protect keywords by matching the text color with the color of the background or position the text off the screen by using CSS (it becomes visible for search engines only). 

Final Thoughts

So, these were the best SEO technique done by white hat SEO experts, but there is more to improve as we saw in the worst and weirdest things. There are undoubtedly other SEO techniques that we did not cover because we wanted to include the top ones only as it is the SEO awards. Remember, these weird and worst things may increase your rank and traffic for a specified period, but it will all go in vain once Google finds it out.