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Top-SEOs 14-May-2019

The Google Search Console can be used for almost everything.  Known as the Google Webmaster Tools for almost a decade, the company has rebranded the suite of tools as Google Search Console in 2015. Google has been offering new tools, data, and analytics that can be tracked in the Google Search Console. The new Search Console that had been announced in January is out of beta. This will help to give a mini upgrade to the SEO reports from the Index Coverage report to fetch as Google. A Google AdWords Specialist can help bring you up to speed.

You might have received an email from Google or a notice in the Messages section in Google Search Console. The new Search Console is available in the upper left corner since the beta version. You can take help from proper PPC management services.

Search Appearance

The Search Appearance section in Google Search Console has a lot of offerings. You would want to know its secrets if you want to get the structured data working and if your AMP pages are active. You would be very happy when they say there are no error codes. You can view all the tools and reports in the Search Appearance tab.

Structured Data

What does Structured Data tell you?

Every local business, website owner and organization understands the woes of implementing structured data. Sometimes even after you have added the code to the website, it cannot be seen in the SERPs. This is where Google has offered to do all the hard work. After you have added the code to the website, you would need to pop into Google Search Console. Go to Search Appearance and then to Structured Data to look for the errors. A PPC management campaign is best here.

How can you fix Structured Data in Google Search Console?

No matter what structured data has been used by you, there would be some recent updates for you from Google. Even though structured data is not a ranking factor and the website would not lose rankings if you leave the errors, it would be better for the user experience if the errors are fixed. You would want to analyze each error individually to fix structured data in Google Search Console. You can use the Structured Data Testing Tool if you want to get yourself out of these errors. A Google AdWords specialist can help you in this endeavor.

Rich Cards

What are these Rich Cards?

There are a time and place for the Rich Cards, as a course, recipe, movie or job. An SEO professional who likes to track errors and performance of the hard-earned Rich Cards, Google Search Console is the perfect place. The report would show how many of the Rich cards are indexed and if there are critical errors.

How can you make the Rich Cards show in Google Search Console?

You cannot create Rich Cards for everything. Courses, recipes, jobs, and movies are about the only things that can be created now. Google AdWords management services specialize in these things. Rich Cards in Google Search Console use schema data to display the content in a more engaging fashion and improve the experience of mobile users. These Rich Cards monitor schema, rich snippets, AMP and App Indexing. Once Rich Cards have been created, the report can be used to see what cards are being indexed and look for the presence of errors. If there are errors in Google Search Console, chances are that the Rich Cards are not being displayed in the SERPs.

Data Highlighter

What is this tool?

The Data Highlighter tool is not that hidden, it is quite useful. It helps you to create structured data right in GSC. Also, it can help you to add structured data to your website without help from a web developer. You can chalk out a plan of action with help from a Google AdWords specialist.

How can the Data Highlighter be of use?

The rich snippets have boosted the click-through rates in search results. It is essential for the websites that have book reviews, articles, local businesses, events and products that can use the data highlighter.

HTML Improvements

How can you fix the HTML Improvement reports?

The tool helps to identify the duplicate URL issues caused by duplicate pages or uppercase variations. A few steps can help:

  1. Duplicate meta - You need to manually review each page list to confirm that there are unique descriptions for each one. You might discover that the same page is being indexed twice because of parameter URL issues or the discover pages that do not have pagination.
  2. Long and short meta - You should keep the length of the meta title or description to a minimum. 120 to 150 characters are good for descriptions and 70 characters for titles.
  3. Missing - You could have even forgotten to add the meta description or meta title.

Once you have made the changes to the website, you can use the Fetch as Google section to ensure if Google is acknowledging the changes. You can take help from an AdWords marketing company.

These are some of the latest features that have made new Google Search Console a better option to improve the credibility of website owners. Google's algorithm is very complex and it is learning the development curve and behaves in a very intelligent way. The only way to stay at the top is to keep yourself updated with the latest developments.