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James 22-Aug-2019

Today the world has become a smaller place thanks to the internet and its widespread use. Nowadays it is the go-to place for any kind of enquires a person needs to make. This cannot be an exception when a person needs legal advice. It is a few of the law firms websites the person will visit first to know what kind of help he or she can garner. This is not unknown to the law firms too. Hence every law firm and even lawyers and attorneys practicing independently do have a website. This has brought many customers to their fold.

However, is having a website just enough. The answer is a big NO! This is because the website would lie one corner of the vast web. It will get lost in millions of such websites that every law firm has launched. For your website to be visible you need to have it on the first page of the search engine and market yourself well.  And the only method to do is apply SEO. But is not so tech-savvy you may need to take expert help. An SEO professional or an SEO company needs to be hired for this task. Here are seven guidelines an SEO expert can follow to make your website rank higher on the search engine with many more visits to potential clients will ensue.

Here we go.

  1. Website speed needs to be optimum

After launching the website did you check how fast it loads. If it is too slow there won't be enough visitors to your sites. This then can influence the website ranking too. Even a fraction of a second of loading time can affect the viewership by about 15 -20%. So, think if it is too slow the number of visits to your page you will be losing. Only when there are visitors -which you can call leads- to your website can you convert them into client acquisition or you can call it conversion.

  1. Visitor experience matters

Only when the visitor is gratified by his or her visit to the website will he or she think of placing an inquiry with the particular law firm or lawyer. So, you need to make the website user-friendly. Not everyone is proficient in the use of computers.

  1. Being able to view from any device

Also, if the website can be viewed on all kinds of devices that are mobile phones and PCs then it may get more visitors. Also, the content of the pages needs to be understandable even by a layperson. There will be more visitors and it can help with rankings.

  1. Use of right keywords

You need to know what are the words that people are using when they visit a website. This can help you as an SEO expert to determine the SEO strategy. Use these keywords in almost all the pages of your website and also blogs that you attach to the website. This will improve the ranking on the search engine thus increasing the chance of more visitors. Also creating keyword specific pages can bring in more visitors.

  1. Better to avoid search engine penalties

If you do not follow the rules set up by the search engine like google you may be penalized. This can reduce your ranking. The points to remember here are no keyword stuffing, avoid hacking, and no compulsions to pay visits to your website. It is prudent to use webmaster tools of the search engine. This will help monitor the website and send notifications if your website is hacked. Thus, it will help to improve site rankings. Also adding your website to GMB can boost your page ranking drastically.

  1. Specify your kind of service

Some law firms may deal with only certain kind of cases like divorce, financial and so on. If you mention the kind of services then it will be easy for people seeking legal advice in those particular areas to contact a specialist lawyer like you. If you offer services in multiple disciplines, you can have a subdomain for the specialization. So, anyone seeking some legal advice can be directed to the specialist lawyer in your firm. This helps with the SEO ranking too as you can get many more visitors to your website.

  1. A robust CTA is a must

Today more people are techno-geek than before. They would like to communicate via the website. A sound call to action button will enable them to directly communicate and know about the firm and its location. Even appointments can be fixed via a chatbot. When you offer better contact facilities the client feels at home and would be gratified to avail the services. A good and friendly chat on the first visit to the website can help create a good impression about you. This is the best way to woo the potential customers and make due conversions of them.

This is not an exhaustive list but following these will surely improve ranking and hence more clients. So, go for it.