Top 10 Tips For First Time Travelers In India

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Deepak Rajput 24-Feb-2020

India attracts hundreds of thousands of people from across the globe. Tourists visit India for various reasons, be it spiritual contentment, medical tours, adventure or to enjoy Luxury Tour Packages For India to admire the rich heritage that this majestic country has to offer.

Here are 10 useful tips for first-time travelers to India.

  1. Learn a few common Hindi words: It is always a good practice to learn the local language of your travel destination. It makes your communication process easier and reduces your chances of getting cheated. The best part is that you can bargain a lot while shopping if you know the language.
  2. Travel Light: Do not pack unnecessary things that will force you to pay for extra luggage on the flight. It is better to pack only your essentials and rest, whatever you will need, you can buy it in India.
  3. Expect Culture Shock: India is quite unlike anywhere else in the world and is an assault on all senses, so Culture Shock is unavoidable. It is something, that makes India such an astonishing and life-changing place. However, the Culture Shock can be minimized somewhat if you know beforehand what you will be in for. Come with an open mind and open heart and accept that things do not happen the same here as they do in your home country and embrace the differences.
  4. Watch what you eat and drink: India is a paradise for food lovers. It is quite obvious that you will be tempted to get indulged in street food. But remember that Indian food is oily and spicy and might not suit you. That does not mean that you should rule out street food but you need to be a little cautious. Anything that is served fresh and hot is good for you. Try to avoid cut fruits and uncooked foods like salads that are sold in open. Avoid having tap water; instead, carry your own water bottle.
  5. Avoid arguments: Getting into an argument with a local on some pity issue is not advisable. Indians are very easy going but a little short-tempered. So, if you maintain your cool and negotiate properly, you will definitely end up getting the best deal.
  6. Book your tickets in advance: There are millions of other travelers like you who are also looking for tickets. So, chances are that you won’t get tickets if you are waiting for the last minute. It is best to have your reservations done prior to your Tour Packages For India.
  7. Temple etiquette: If you are planning for Cultural Tours of India, always remember that Indians are very sensitive when it comes to respecting their respective Gods. So, in order to not offend their beliefs, it is always better to know about the rules of temples prior to the travel.
  8. Don’t rush: India is so diverse that if you think, you will be able to see it all on your first visit, then that is not going to happen. Rather, you will end up exhausting yourself and miss out on surprises. It is better than considering the time span that you can spend here, focus on seeing one state or region in detail rather than trying to rush around the whole country.
  9. Explore rural India: You have to go rural to discover India’s heart. This way you will get the true essence of India – age-old culture and traditions. Explore Rajasthani villages, hill stations in Himachal Pradesh or spend some time in beautiful villages of Kerala.
  10. Carry Hand Sanitizer and Toilet Paper with you: It is good if you carry these with you because they are rarely found in public toilets.

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