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Charles Leveillee 03-Nov-2022

Business owners who are into their online business and digital marketers know the importance of PPC and know how effective it can be to drive traffic to your website and generate leads. Business owners especially small business owners have a low key on the new marketing initiatives and their budget is quite low. Recently Forbes has stated that if you want your small business to generate leads and sales then it would a mistake if you will start by doing SEO. For long-term brand awareness, you should start with Google’s Pay Per Click (PPC).

It’s a great tool for reaching out to your customers at the right time when they are ready to be converted. Now the question is What is PPC? PPC is a tool that will help you to promote your business online. The model is simple, which is why it’s so popular.  PPC is used in Search Engines like Google, Bing, etc., and in this article, I will focus on Google PPC as it is used by most people.

There are many advantages to using Google’s PPC and after reading this article you will know How PPC Could Be the Game Changer For Your Business. Let us start -

  • Results are Fast

Businesses need fast results in the form of leads; therefore, PPC makes a way to get fast leads when integrated correctly. You can get instant results from it. You must create a Google AdWords account if you already have a website that is running. 

  • You can connect directly with your desired Target Audience

With the help of PPC, you can connect directly with your desired targeted audience. You can set the keywords, the location to where you want to target your ads, demographics alongside the audience’s age, what smartphone they use, etc., and the time & the date on which you want your audience should see your ad. For small businesses, it’s very useful as they can target those users only who are most interested in their products with minimizing their spending on that audience which are not interested in your product or services.  Recently Google has stated that every 3 out of shopper who finds local information helpful are more likely to visit their stores.

  • PPC can be tracked and measured

The great thing about PPC is that it is measurable and trackable and it’s so easy. You can use the Google PPC Campaign along with Google Analytics. You can track the clicks, impressions, and conversions. Surely it is based on the different defined business goals. The stats are available as you start your campaign. Alongside this, many reports and KPIs provide you with all the information.

  • You don’t have to depend on SEO Changes or New Algorithms

I adore SEO, and to succeed over the long term, your website must be both SEO-friendly and follow best practices. However, one benefit of PPC is that, after creating successful ads, you no longer must worry about Google and the adjustments it is making to its ranking algorithms.

  • Create your brand awareness

Small businesses can have their advertisements found by consumers by using keywords associated with their sector. These keywords are typically broad and may not lead to many conversions or sales, but they will assist build brand recognition and position the company as an authority in its field. Instead of attempting to optimize your website's SEO so that it will rank highly in organic search results, PPC campaigns can allow your small business, especially if it does not have a strong online presence, to get discovered much more rapidly.

  • PPC Provides an important DATA

PPC information monitors KPIs for your marketing campaign. You will be able to identify which advertisements work best during specific times of the day and which are best suited to specific audience segments. You may improve your overall campaign till it is operating at peak efficiency with the help of all this data.

  • Examine Your Products or Services

The quickest and most efficient approach to determine whether your goods or services are what customers want is to run a well-targeted PPC campaign. You may decide whether you need to make changes or upgrades based on the comprehensive reports you obtain from tools like Google AdWords. To ascertain the efficacy of landing pages or even a complete website, tests can be conducted. Without thorough reports, figuring out what's working and what isn't takes time and costs money, especially for small businesses.

  • Increase in Local Customer Footfalls

PPC works incredibly well for local searches. Mobile users who are looking for goods or services in their neighborhood can view your adverts, click on them, and obtain directions to your store. They just type - Laundry services Near Me, Mortgage services near me, etc.

According to statistics, 75% of individuals are more inclined to visit a store if they discover it in the search results. If they don't see your advertisement, they'll probably click on one of your competitors, which will lead to the loss of a customer.

  • Budget Friendly once you have got the Data.

With PPC, there are no financial limitations. You decide how much to spend on an advertisement or campaign, as well as how much to pay for each click.

As was already indicated, everything is quantifiable, so you can simply determine whether the money you are spending is generating a profit or a loss and take appropriate action. If a campaign is successful, you can spend more money without risking exceeding your maximum ROI.

  • Great for testing your marketing strategies

Consider a scenario where you want to determine which product headline or ad language will work best for a campaign. It is simple to set up various ads in a Google AdWords campaign, run them online for a few weeks, and then evaluate the results. It’s that simple.

I hope that you have liked the information which I have shared in this article. Happy PPC!!