How Business Process Automation Helps Companies To Survive COVID-19

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Vinod Mahajan 29-Sep-2020

Since last December, the world is facing a massive crisis which is becoming bigger day by day. What then started as a crisis in China became a world crisis in very little time. Whether professional or personal life, people have observed adverse effects due to pandemic caused by a coronavirus COVID-19. The rippling effect of this widespread pandemic has ended with total lockdown for most of the countries.

The impacts of COVID-19 have not been limited to public health only. The ongoing pandemic has caused adverse economic problems too. These economic problems have pushed organizations to build like never before. Even in the best of times, IT project managers face a huge roster of tasks across a wide range of priorities for example managing daily operations, tracking progress toward the corporate objective, planning for the future, managing individuals on their teams, and more. The pace of work has also risen exponentially in recent years within companies, as has the complexity.

What does this indicate? It simply suggests that it's time to take serious action. And, you can take this step by bringing automation into your business process or by reducing manual repetitive tasks. This would be possible by deploying different automation tools for example project management tools in your business. Such tools can easily manage productivity, address overwhelmed customer support centers, ensure the back-office automation is on task, setting up the remote team members, and optimize the supply chain.

Companies that already use these tools have experienced no major effect of COVID-19 in business. They were able to survive in this global crisis. They successfully managed the team, work, and revenue even in the peak days of Coronavirus where everything was shut down. This is the strength of automation tools.

What Are the Popular Tools That Are Considered the Best to Use?

The popular and effective tools that can give your business the strength to stand even in the Coronavirus like situation are:

  1. Project Management Tool
  2. Task Management Tool
  3. Team Management Tool
  4. Invoice Management Tool
  5. Human Resource Management Tool


How These Tools Help The Organizations?

During this uncertain time, remote working is the only solution to continue thriving. Here these tools make a mark. All these tools can help in a lot of ways to improve productivity. Companies who were planning to invest in IT infrastructures a few months back have now been compelled to think over as a requirement now.

COVID-19 has spurred immense progress in remote work, as organizations who once may have been hesitant to allow it have been forced to work around or remove old barriers to allow their employees to work from their own homes. Digitizing paper-based processes is a fundamental step to permitting remote work. And, this digitization is only possible with these tools. According to the survey, the IT organizations provided remote work options to employees generated comparatively more revenue and minimized more business expenses.


Build Clear Communication & Collaboration

Without regular status meetings, without seeing colleagues every day in the office, you can get the chance to ask or answer questions or to “just check in” doesn’t present itself as easily. This is the option to try and use other means of communication. However, don’t compensate by sending 10,000 emails a day. This would defeat the purpose, and just frustrate your teams. The idea is to build virtual teams that feel connected and stay in touch automatically.

The project management tool comes here as a supporting platform. It helps in building clear communication and collaboration between team members without coming to the office or physically seeing each other. For regular meetings, you can use simple video conferencing tools. It recreates the atmosphere of the conference room, facilitates communication, and manages the connections between team members that can easily feel isolated.


Significant Boost Productivity & Speed-up Workflows

Next, a remarkable difference you can observe after using the above-mentioned tools is a significant boost to productivity and speed-up important workflows.  Its value is likely to develop now that we are observing an uptick in remote work and distributed teams. COVID-19 has introduced major new challenges for individuals and businesses alike. However, the involvement of these tools plays a critical role in addressing these challenges. As economies open back up and stabilize, we’ll continue to see more automation and digitization of business processes, not only as a power to improve productivity, but also to protect against an unknown future. All these tools can help organizations in managing uncertainty - and not just from global pandemics.


Keep an Automatic Track of Business Expenses:

Undeniably, tracking a business’s overall expenses is an important factor to manage. This expense tracking helps you to build strong business strategies that can drive great revenue options. Additionally, the tracking record of expenses will help you in minimizing the business. With the help of automation tools like invoice management, you can perform this task more actively and in a simpler manner. The best part of the tool is you don’t need to go anywhere for tracking project expenses and other expenses. Such tools automatically provide you the complete details and you can manage it accordingly.

So, these are some of the ways by which business process automation tools like project management and others can help you in operating business efficiently in any kind of condition. If you want more steps ahead of your competitors, you should think wisely, you should prepare your business for bad to worst situations. You need to stand strong in the market. And, this can be possible with such tools. MyDSR is one of the reliable sources for finding professionally designed tools. If you want to build these solutions at economical prices for your business, you can get in touch with them.