5 Contemporary Google Algorithm Updates 2019 For SEO That You Must Know

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saurabh shukla 22-Jun-2019

The Google Algorithm Updates 2019 have vital significance for digital marketing professionals. With Every and Every Update of Google Algorithm your website ranking and webpage position shifts. The update is not always marvelous for all businesses. Some face ups in the ranking of the webpage, but some get a boost in ranking. Most of the SEO companies in Delhi always keep an eye on new updates of Google Algorithm. Let’s check out the 5 Contemporary Google Algorithm Updates 2019 for SEO that you must know. Before going on our topic, readers can take a glance at the Google Algorithm Concept.

Concept of Google Algorithm:

When Google Releases a New Algorithm that means, it is the latest updated based on few factors for webpage ranking. These factors pledged to a website or webpage score. The Page Rank is a Trademark Algorithm, which empowers a relevancy score to every webpage.

1.    Primary Focus on Mobile Indexing:

In the past few years, the percentage of mobile searches has been increasing. Thus, Google gives a major preference for mobile indexing. Google shifts serious attention from the web to mobile-friendly websites. Make sure your online marketing program has been running on the mobile-friendly website.

2. Featured Snippets Become Spotlight:

You can’t imagine but it is doubtless true that Featured Snippets pop-up in continuous results on SERPs. For that reason, if you work for the principle of Featured Snippets, Google can boost the rate of traffic on your website. Featured Snippets can be used in the form of text, lists, tables, videos, images, and reviews. Look at your Website Featured Snippets to appear on the higher position of search engine ranking even after Google Algorithm Update 2019.

3. Growing Voice Search Percentage:

The Voice Search on Search Engine has been increasing in the last few years. This will also enhance the importance of voice search ranking for SEO professionals. Be aware if you are not giving attention to the voice searches on search engines. This will also reduce traffic on your website. Because the voice searches may not reach your place. Take a Glance at Long-Tail Keywords for Voice Search Appearance in Search Engine.

4. Try to Add Some Positive Reviews & Testimonials:

According to the Google Algorithm Update 2019, a positive comment on your website also affects your ranking. Thus, try to add some positive and favorable reviews and compliments by the customers.

5. Punishment to SSL Failed Sits:

In the menu of 5 Contemporary Google Algorithm Updates 2019, last is the importance of SSL or Security Centric. Add SSL on your website to rank higher in Google.