Package Detail Intro
Baisc Information
Price in USD FREE
Duration Monthly
Company Profile Yes
Hourly Yes
Custom Title and Description Yes
Number of Industries 1
Number of Services 2
Custom Your Service Briefing 2
Packages 2
Testimonial 2
Case Study 2
Choose A Currency Yes
Review Submission Yes
Consideration for Rankings Yes
Preferred Location Yes,You Can Choose Different Locations
Removal of Negative Reviews 1
Submit A FREE Guest Post Yes
Submit A FREE Conference Yes
HR System
Team 10
Team Profile Yes
Add Departement Yes
Salary Yes
Attdendance Yes
Announcement Yes
Performance -360 Feedback Yes
Increment History Yes
Annual Holiday List Yes
Create Leave Type Yes
Apply For Leave Yes
Apply For Resignation Yes
Leave and Resignation Approval/Rejection Yes
Job Opening Yes
Add Candidate Information Yes
Setup For Interviews Yes
Interview Feedback Yes
Expense Yes
Invoice Yes
Income Yes
Daily Status Report
Manage Employee Dsr Yes
Timesheet Yes
Dsr Approved | DisApproved | Remark Yes
Sales System
Key People 1
Request A Quote Yes
Assign Projects To Project Managers Yes
Lead Management Yes
Lead History Yes
Create A Project Yes
Project Management System
Project Managment Yes
Assign Projects To Team Yes
Manage Team Task Hrs Yes
Manage Funds According To Projects Yes
Task Management - Assign Tasks To Team Yes
Return On investement
Company Roi Yes
Employee Roi Yes
Payment method
Paypal Detail Yes
Bank Detail Yes
Real Time Chat Yes
Email Yes
Phone Yes
Skype Yes
Support On Email and Live Chat Yes
Social Media Platforms
Facebook Yes
Twitter Yes
LinkedIn Yes
Youtube Yes
Instagram Yes
Pinterest Yes