Event Calendar 2021

World Nursing And Nursing Education Congress

  • Name: ZoeyAsper
  • phone : 0
  • Website: https://worldnursing.peersalleyconferences.com/
  • Location: Vancouver, Canada
  • Organizers: Peers Alley Media
  • Start Date: 2020-06-17
  • End Date: 2020-06-18

Event Overview

Peers Alley Media meetings would like to invite all the outstanding world leading Nursing Practitioners, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Public health practitioners, Clinical researchers, Primary care physicians, Nurses, Physician assistants, Scientists, Deans, Students & Technicians, Medical health care Organizations & Associations, Public Health Professionals, Pathologists, Doctors, Research Scholars from all around the world to attend World Nursing and Nursing Education Congress during June 17-18, 2020 in Vancouver, Canada.

This conference gives an unparalleled opportunity to network with colleagues and learn from the different leaders in Nursing Practice.